Rob & Janet enjoying Lynde Shores
Mitchell zip lining
Mitchell out canoeing
Mitchell tubing
Tiffany with her mother Linda
Tiffany at her birthday party
Tiffany at the Art Guild Annual General Meeting
Joel out and about
Joel preparing a meal
Joel in Old-fashioned dress
Rob S.
Rougemount looking westward
Rougemount looking eastward
Rougemount Front Entrance
Deohaeko Board of Directors
Rougemount Board in 1994
Linda, Janet, Elizabeth, Helen
Jon at work 'shreddin'
Jon at work
John with the family
John at work
Brenda at home
Deohaeko Mission 1993 Families
Donna and Matthew celebrating a birthday
Donna and Matthew
Donna at the piano
Caroline as a teaching assistant
Brenda's birthday party
Caroline and Rick
Brenda and Mom Elizabeth
Belly dancing party
John at the build site
Baby shower at Tiffany's