Study Tours

We have decided to offer a limited number of study tours to interested family members and their allies who would like a deeper learning experience with the families of Deohaeko and those who have helped to shape this unique family group. We’ve settled on a for-fee basis to replace the conference and workshop fees that others often charge, in the belief that what we have to offer – a taste of the Deohaeko experience with its founders – is at least as useful as the kinds of information and experiences offered in traditional conference settings.

For questions or information please contact us:

Deohaeko Study Tour

Two-Day Sample Agenda


1:00 Arrival at Rougemount Co-operative,

400 Kingston Road, Pickering, Ontario

Coffee and Conversation with one family and coordinator

3:00 Physical Tour of Rougemount Co-operative

4:30 – 6:30 Dinner and Conversation with

two Deohaeko Founding Families

6:30 – 9:30 Deeper discussion of one or more dedicated topics

(See list below) within one or several Deohaeko family, Friends and allies invited to meet stated purposes.


11:00 Reflections from Last Night’s Discussion/Further topic

Choice with coordinator, one or more family members

2:00 Meet with 1-2 families for specific discussion

4:00 Dinner at Tiffany’s with relaxed discussion, follow up and planning

Individuals are encouraged to bring along their own questions and topics for learning and discovery.

However, some typical areas of exploration might include:

  • about family groups
  • about support circles
  • planning for individuals, one person at a time
  • about support and the support role; finding supporters
  • about our work on roles and relationship building
  • about community connecting and development
  • about co-operatives and intentional community

Please note that the times indicated are subject to change due to last minute family plans and situations.

Alternate plans will be arranged.

Deohaeko Study Tour

Fees and Rates

The following fees and rates are somewhat adjustable and related to number of people attending (with maximum numbers), amount of structure (from simple discussion to deeper discussion on complex issues to actual planning of next steps to full consultation)

½ day tour $50 per person

1 day tour $150 per person, minimum $300

2 day tour $250 per person, minimum $500

Visiting women from Kentucky during a study tour