A Support Network sheds light on the power of planning together.

The modules below provide a snapshot of the Deohaeko Network, with four members offering up valuable insights around the power of sharing, planning and working together. Highlights include the importance of shared values and consensus, programs versus community-based opportunities, choice and quality of life, the benefits of a network, succession planning and more.

together for over twenty years

shared values

maintaining our values

programs versus community

quality of life

benefits of a family network

succession planning

building our future with hope

This is a series of five very brief interviews done with CRU (Community Resources Unit) in Brisbane, Australia during Janet Klees’ 2009 trip to Australia and New Zealand.

They provide a brief audio visual presentation of Deohaeko and our ideas.

  • What is the Deohaeko Support Network?
  • What should the Support Worker's role be?
  • Why are relationships so important?
  • What do we do in the mean time?
  • Strategies to help build relationships.